Ryan Clark: Redskins secondary is the most talented I’ve been around

Veteran safety Ryan Clark says this Redskins secondary is the most talented he’s ever been around.

“The biggest thing is talent. It’s the most talented secondary I’ve been around,” Clark told Jeff Darlington, via NFL.com. “It’s the most talented group of corners I’ve ever played with.

“And also, as far as intelligence, we don’t have that one guy that’s from Mars with the long hair (Troy Polamalu), but Brandon (Meriweather) is a guy who’s been to the Pro Bowl, guy who was a first-round pick, so I think talent-wise, we’re there.”

I can’t imagine this the Skins secondary is more talented then the one he was a part of with Ike Taylor and Troy Polamalu, when they were both in their prime.

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