Ryan Clark: Dan Rooney banned the N-word

Steelers safety Ryan Clark told ESPN that Chairman Dan Rooney made it clear that he doesn’t want his players using the N-word or listening to music in the locker room that included it

Clark says Rooney brought the rule to Ike Taylor to enforce. 

“Mr. Rooney actually talked to Ike Taylor about it this season. Ike and Mr. Rooney have a very good relationship,” Clark said. “He told Ike, ‘I don’t want you guys using that word.’”

“Ike went around to specific people and said, ‘Listen, this is what Mr. Rooney told me.’ He’s the ambassador. We call him Old Man Rooney. He has a lot of respect, and because of the way he has treated us as players, as black athletes, also treated Coach Tomlin as a black coach, you know it’s coming from a place of love,” Clark said.

The music and language ended up coming back anyway.

“You stopped hearing it immediately that day,” Clark said. “But after a while it came back because it’s the culture. After a while it comes back because this is what these guys have grown up with.”

With the NFL possibly penalizing players for using the N-word,  it some how has to be removed from the culture of the league.





  1. Ranae Procyk says

    Well then Boyz, if you are going to use the N-word because it is part of your “culture”, don’t be offended when you hear it used in a way that you find offensive. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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