Russell Wilson told the Eagles in 2012 that he would bring them a title

Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire
Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire

Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network revealed on his new Move the Sticks podcast that Russell Wilson told him back in 2012–when he was a scout for the Eagles–that he would bring them a Super Bowl title.

“I can tell you a bunch of stories about my communication with him during that process,” Jeremiah said, via “For example, I interviewed him at the Senior Bowl. At the end of the interview, you always ask for players’ numbers so you can get in touch with them — he asked for my number. And then I would get text messages from him periodically saying, ‘If the Eagles draft me, I will lead the Eagles to championships.’ You know he would send me these text messages.

“… So leading up, even the day of the draft, the first day of the draft: ‘If the Eagles draft me I will lead them to championships.’ He was sending me these text messages,” Jeremiah said. “Well, we really liked him, and I thought there was a very real chance he was going to end up being a Philadelphia Eagle there. And then of course, Seattle ends up taking him.”

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