Russell Wilson: “There’s a lot more ways we can be better”

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson believes they’re in a better place this year then they were in 2013 since they’re coming off a Super Bowl title.

“Right now I definitely believe we’re way further ahead,” Wilson said, via “It’s exciting. You have an itch because you know how to do it at a very high level. And the best part about it is we can continue to do it better.”

Wilson also believes they have some things to improve.

“There’s a lot more ways we can be better,” Wilson said. “And there’s a lot more ways that I can get better. That’s the great part about it. I continue to try to stay focused on what I can control and continue to grow in every way possible.”

Wilson is confident they’re only going to improve as a team.

“I think everybody feels that way,” he said. “We want to uplift each other. The biggest thing is staying connected throughout the offseason with everybody, making sure everybody is on the same page and still talking the same language in terms of how we want to be successful.

“Just trust in the process of learning. Trust in the process in getting prepared for a great season and see how far we can take it.”