Russell Wilson: Patriots game was a turning point

Rookie quarterbacks made a huge impact on the game last season like no one has ever seen. While everyone expected Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III to perform well, everyone had low expectations for Seattle Seahawks’ rookie quarterback Russell Wilson. After having an average first five games, Wilson said his turning point came in week six against the New England Patriots when he led them on a miraculous comeback in the fourth quarter.

Via, Wilson said once the Seahawks starting loosening the leash around him, the team really starting clicking after that.

That was a crazy, crazy game,” Wilson explained. “To come back and win like we did, against a quarterback like Tom Brady — who I have so much respect for — it really started clicking after that. That game gave me some credibility and it showed me that coach truly believed in me. I definitely feel like the Patriots game’s when we really started to click,

After amazing rookie years, people usually expect a sophomore slump. I think arguably that Wilson will be the favorite out of all second year quarterbacks (Ryan Tannehill would of received this honor if he would of played as well as the top 3) to go through this. Hopefully Wilson will realize this and use this as motivation to prove everyone wrong.


  1. Anonymous says

    He’s is very smart football athlete (QB) so I believe he can get thru the traditional (cursing)sophomore slump. Go Hawks!

  2. Anonymous says

    Russle has a love and dedication like no other, I have seen. He is driven to prove everyone wrong.He will succeed. Because he wants too. GO Hawks!

  3. Anonymous says

    Finally …….I have been saying it all along, The media has it all wrong. It wasn’t the Bears game it was the Pats game that the light bulb went on!

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