Roy Helu recovering from foot surgery

On Friday, Redskins running back Roy Helu told that he underwent surgery on his foot back on February 5th after realizing that after months of rehab it still wasn’t right.

“In January, I hit a road block, where I couldn’t sprint but everything else was great. I could jog at a high pace, I just couldn’t sprint,” Helu said in a phone conversation. “I made the decision to see what was wrong. I just knew my body was telling me that, with this amount of time, I should be recovered.”

After visiting with foot and ankle specialist Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte, Helu opted for a surgical procedure.

“Off of an instinct that something was wrong, we went into surgery,” Helu said. “And we found out there was damaged cartilage [near the big toe] that was causing the problem, but it wasn’t showing up on anything. Thankfully we found it and now it’s gone. The road to recovery this time, since February, has been a lot better.”

Helu just started running this past Tuesday.  He’s hoping that when OTA’s roll around on May 20th, he won’t be limited.

“I’ve been recuperating from the runs really well the next day, so I’ve been able to run again,” Helu said. “I was very encouraged about what it felt like to run again, and the condition I was in. So it’s looking like a good recovery so far.”

If Helu can stay healthy in 2013, he could have a big role in the Redskins’ offense.