Ron Jaworski won over by Chip Kelly after doubting him last year

ron jaworskiLast year,  former Eagles quarterback and ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski doubted that Chip kelly’s offense would work in the NFL.

Now that Jaws has eaten his words after the Eagles won the NFC East in 2013,  he’s been won over by Kelly.

“I wasn’t sure how this was going to work. I wasn’t a big believer in guys coming from the college ranks, leaving that rah-rah college style and bringing a new style to the NFL. Kelly made it happen. He won me over,” said Jaworski during his show on 97.5 the Fanatic this week, via

Jaws praised Kelly for getting his receivers open last year.

“Chip Kelly did a great job of getting people wide open. I went through all these quarterback throws [across the league], I don’t think anybody did a better job at getting receivers open than Chip Kelly.  When you look at 400-500 throws of each quarterback and I see guys that are making these stick throws into double coverage and all these things, and I plug in Eagles tape and I’m seeing guys running open.”