Ron Jaworski has Tony Romo ranked as the 15th best quarterback in the NFL

tony romo

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski has Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo ranked as the 15th best signal caller in the NFL going into the 2013 season.

“I have always liked Romo, but his play in the final regular season game of the 2012 season with the NFC East title on the line still bothers me,” said Jaws, via You just can’t make mistakes, regardless of whose fault it is. It was the fourth quarter interception with three-and-one-half minutes remaining and the Cowboys trailing by three. That I just can’t forget. You can’t make a throw with no definition in that particular situation, regardless of the pressure.

“Then I look at Romo one week earlier. Two big-time drives in the final five minutes against the Saints, tying the game with 21 seconds remaining. Back-to-back weeks, two different Romo’s. Those kinds of peaks and valleys is why Romo is No. 15 on my board. I love his talent, and there’s no doubt perception has overtaken reality in the negative world view of Romo, but I would like to see more overall consistency in his play. He’s capable of it.”

Jaws hit the nail right on the head.  There are times Romo looks great and other times he looks bad.  his biggest flaw is that he can’t consistently rise to the occasion and win big games.


  1. Anonymous says

    Total rubbish. Romo has been a top ten QB from the time he began starting for the Cowboys. All anyone has to do is check the statistics. He can’t play offence and defense. The Cowboys defense last year was horrific but Romo still passed for 4900 yards.

  2. Anonymous says

    Jaworski had the same problems in his time! Easy talking!

    Romo is a great player, and needs he´s team to step up as a unit.

  3. luminator says

    No, Romo is not average because he has the stats to prove it. You must be basing average status on something else. If you say playoffs or must-win games than tell me how many playoff games RGIII, Newton, Cutler, and Wilson have won without a defense. That is what I figure…. keep thinking…

    How many bad decisions have you made under pressure? Do not forget to add that Romo consistently plays with a very weak OL that cannot block or execute plays and also has an injury prone RB sidekick that cannot stay healthy. Why else is Romo also well known for extending plays… because the OL is not blocking or the WR is not getting open. Go figure.

  4. luminator says

    Did you mean if the fire is too hot, stay away from the heat?

    You people have not idea how to interpret football, nor understand each players position or responsibility. You only catch what the media hypes and than see it as the only facts or stats of a game.

    All you do is weaken a sport with half wit comments with empty opinions and irrelevant emotions.

  5. says

    Look, Romo can not handle the “big” games.

    He throws interceptions, he “helps” to loose the game.

    A”Champion” caliber quarterback handles the situation at hand.

    He has won 1 playoff game.

    The “Cowgirls” will never make it to the “big dance” with him as quarterback.


  6. mtcowboyfan says

    kinda like P.Manning in last years playoffs. His three turnovers against the Ravens cost his team the playoffs.

  7. mtcowboyfan says

    First its mcnab showing the hate,then its jokwarski. What other has been or never was will they get next? Maybe ryan leaf if they can find a reporter to go into the prison to interview him.

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