Ron Jaworski expects Ryan Tannehill to have a “big year” in 2013

According to, ESPN’s Ron Jaworski believes Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill will make “significant improvement” and have a “big year” this coming season.

Jaws believes Tannehill “showed a lot of positive traits despite having very few weapons at his disposal,” including the ability to “subtly move within the pocket to avoid pressure.” Added Jaworski, “For a rookie, Tannehill was very good at throwing with bodies around him in what I call a muddied pocket. That’s advanced NFL quarterbacking.” Jaws conceded Tannehill must improve on third down, where he “had the worst rating of all starting quarterbacks, including seven of his 13 interceptions.” Dolphins OC Mike Sherman is already on the record predicting Tannehill will be the NFL’s most improved quarterback in 2013.

There’s no doubt that the additions of Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson and Dustin Keller should help Tannehill grow as an NFL starter.


  • tbone188

    I also believe the speed of the recievers will be a big help, he will be able to get down field faster because of this. he will also be able to unload to relief receivers as well. I think this will be the best year since Penne.

    • gruntmaster54

      Agreed, the Penne year was kinda a fluke. We had the easiest schedule in the NFL and made the playoffs (And got beat down by the Ravens). But this year our schedules harder, but our team looks a lot more complete with an up and coming QB and proficient WR’s. I still expect playoff’s (since the AFC East has gone down hill) but i’m not expecting a super bowl win, not for a couple of more years.

  • tbone188

    I wish they would pick up Johnathon Abrams as a situational pass rusher.I would cut Thomas loose if I needed the roster spot. He is a ZERO has done nothing for us for two years. If Abrams got his 10 sacks it could actually mean 1 or 2 wins for us. Thomas could never help this team that way. I would put Abrams in when we stop the other team on first down. If they are 2nd and 10 put him in. At that point it might be 3rd and 18, not many teams could overcome that. If he could help do that 3-4 times a game–game over! Not many teams would be ready for an all out blitz on second down, but look how damaging it could be.

  • tbone188

    I also wanted to say Vonta Leach would be a GIANT help for this team– then get rid of Thomas!!!