Ron Jaworski: Eli Manning is a top-five quarterback

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As ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski breaks down his top-30 quarterbacks in the NFL, he has Eli Manning of the New York Giants ranked as his fifth best quarterback in the NFL right now, after watching him take his game to the next level last season.

“You know where I saw significant improvement in Manning last season? Progression reading,” Jaworski said.

There were numerous other things that Jaws saw in Manning that impressed him.

“Pre-snap recognition,” said Jaworski. “Progression reading. Subtle pocket movement. Willingness to pull the trigger. Precise ball location. You saw many of the attributes demanded to play at an elite level.”

Jaworski also brought up the point that Manning did a great job of extending plays outside of the pocket.

“There was another element to Manning’s game in which he showed considerable improvement in 2011,” Jaworski added. “The ability to extend plays outside the pocket. Manning made some big throws when forced to move.”

“When you watch every play, you really get a good feel for a player,” Jaworski said. “Manning is one of the smartest, most aware quarterbacks in the NFL. His development over the last three or four years has been steady and consistent. He is now one of the top-five quarterbacks in the NFL.”

I believe Jaws was spot on with his assessment of Manning, he’s certainly a top-five quarterback right now.

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