Ron Jaworski concerned about RG3’s mechanics

robert griffin III 2

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski was on Mike and Mike in the Morning and indicated that Robert Griffin III’s knee may have affected his mechanics in a negative way.  Jaws doesn’t believe Griffin looks like he throws the ball the way he did last season as a rookie.

“I was watching him throw the football — there were a few clips — and I was concerned in the weight transfer,” he said, via “I didn’t see the clean mechanics I’ve seen in the past. I’m not there every day, I’m not a doctor, but he just looks a little different right now. It’s pregame, it was warmup, people can discount that. I’m just saying from my eye, I didn’t see the clean drops, the weight transfer, stay on that back foot, snap the hips, that I’d seen out of him.”

Jaws isn’t sure how his mobility will be affected by his knee.

“I really don’t know what to expect,” Jaworski said. “His mobility has always set him apart and I’m not sure where his mobility is going to be.”

Jaworski makes a valid point.  If Griffin even ends up slightly favoring his knee it will throw everything off.