Rolando McClain’s agent believes his client might make a comeback

Rolando McClain’s agent Pat Dye Jr.  told that he believes his client could end up making an NFL comeback.

“I admire the kid for coming back to Tuscaloosa, going to class and trying to get everything in his life outside of football situated,” Dye said. “It’s not my decision to come back or not come back. I think ultimately he wants to play again. He’s only 24 years old. He’s talented. It’s just a shame. It was such a great situation there in Baltimore.

“It will be interesting to see what happens because the guy they signed to basically replace [McClain], Daryl Smith, is playing really well. I think there are other inside backers who are relatively unproven guys. I think Ozzie has very fond feelings for the kid and wants to see him be successful.”

If McClain ends up coming back more focused then in the past, you would have to imagine that he’ll have a good chance at cracking the Ravens’ starting lineup.


  • kingcezer

    What was a shame was the way he went to Oakland and took the money and ran like a coward. He embarrassed the Crimson Tide by his actions. If he did not want to play in Oakland he should have not signed the contract. If he comes back he should have to go back to Oakland and play there for three years for nothing.