Roger Staubach: Tony Romo is a “championship quarterback”

Cowboys great Roger Staubach made an appearance on 105.3 The Fan’s Nathan & MDog last week and stated that he believes Tony Romo is a “championship quarterback.”

“I’m a Tony Romo fan. Obviously there are people that are right with me and others that say Roger, you know. Well, I just look at it. I just have a feel. I had a feel when Troy Aikman came to this team,” said Staubach, via the Dallas Morning News. “That’s the first time I had a feel other than when Danny White left. Danny White was a really good quarterback by the way, and I don’t think we had a quarterback again that walked onto the field, you said, “Hey, we’re going to win this game,” until Troy Aikman. Troy Aikman was phenomenal. I think Tony Romo is a championship quarterback. He can take a team to a championship. He can’t do it by himself, but I really believe he can do it. I just see what he does on the field, the plays he makes, the throws he makes, the sense that he has to move in the pocket so I’m pulling really hard for Tony because I really believe he is one heck of a quarterback, and that’s a feeling from somebody that I didn’t say that about any other quarterbacks except for Troy Aikman. I think Tony is the right quarterback, and we’re lucky to have Tony Romo.”

While Saubach is certainly entitle to his opinion, I’ll believe Romo is a championship quarterback when he actually wins more than one playoff game and wins a Super Bowl.



  • Luminator


    It obvious that most of the media and fans do not actually understand what it takes to win football games. As Roger mentions, Tony or any QB for that matter cannot win a game single handed without support from the rest of the team. If the media or fans do not understand the basic principles or fundamentals of football, all the gossip in the media is nothing but hype and gossip.

    If I had a choice of opinions, I will accept Roger Staubach over any media hype journalist or fan. Roger understands the QB position and what it takes to win. The media does not understand and only comes up with stories to make headlines or stir up public opinions.

    Aikman had support from HOF players like Emmitt Smith (NFL Rushing Leader) and Michael Irvin and a solid defense.

    Stuabach had support from HOF players like Tony Dorsett, Randy White, Too-Tall Jones, etc… along with Drew Pearson with the famous Doomsday flex defense.

    Romo does not have the same level of support from the rest of the team. The only solid players are at TE with Witten and LB with Ware. There is improvement with the WR and other players but not many Pro-Bowl caliber players yet or future HOF. The team still lacks consistency with RB, WR, OL, and DL

    • Luminator

      Oh, and did i forget to mention that Stuabach had Tom Landry as a coach and Aikman had Jimmy Johnson. Need I say more….

  • Anonymous

    you are a wise man.