Roger Staubach: Cowboys don’t need Johnny Manziel

johnny manzielDallas Cowboys great Roger Staubach doesn’t believe Johnny Manziel is a good fit for his former team.

“I try to make people understand that if you brought Tom Brady here last year or Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck, it’s a team effort and you need a solid defense or you’re going to be 8-8,” Staubach said, via “If we had a really good defense we would’ve been 11-5 easily, I think. I hope (Romo) has three, four more years left in him. The people that really understand football understand how good he is but those with second opinions would be screaming for Manziel all the time.

“I think Manziel has got great instincts. I think he’ll be a fine player, but I don’t think you want a Manziel when you have a franchise quarterback. Jerry has paid (Romo) as a franchise. I think Tony is that. He’s not the reason we’re 8-8.That’s my feeling.”


  1. ronniemjones says

    Roger is spot on with his analysis of the Cowboys. Its the defense that needs the work and help, since Jerry has squandered what little talent that we used to possess. Dallas will be lucky if they can make it to 8-8 this year.

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