Roger Staubach believes Johnny Manziel can be a successful NFL quarterback

Former NFL great Roger Staubach likes what he sees in Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.  He’s been impressed with how well he deals with distractions.

“I didn’t really talk to the press after the games. I don’t know why … today, it just seems Johnny needs a little coaching, I think, off the field. What a player he is, though. Even after the season last year when he was caught up in all the hoopla with the Heisman and everything, he still played one heck of a game against Oklahoma,” Staubach said via “He seems like he can deal with the distractions and not have it affect him on the field, which is amazing. I think distractions and issues can affect your play on the field, but ole Johnny Football, it just doesn’t seem to bother him.”

 Sataubach believes Manziel is a good kid and just needs to keep growing as a young man.

“He needs to keep maturing. He’s a good kid. He’s not a bad kid at all. A lot’s happened to him in a way. He’s been able to handle it on the field, which is amazing.”

Staubach believes Manziel is big enough to be a good NFL quarterback.

“You don’t have to be 6-5. Drew Brees proved that, and we see it with Russell Wilson,” Staubach told Yahoo! Sports. “(It’s) really about instincts and arm strength. Size, it’s being shown, is not imperative if you have those qualities.”


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  1. says

    THANK YOU for your positive reply.
    I just told my wife last night, “Just wait until the CRITICS start name calling Johnny Manziel “too short” “doesn’t have a strong enough arm” “system type players don’t work out in the NFL”
    Thank you–you are a man of class.

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