Roger Goodell still looking to bring an NFL team to London

According to Bar Hubbuch of the New York Post, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is still looking to bring an NFL franchise to London, England.

“Our thought is, it’s going to be London’s team,” Goodell said at an NYU hospitality conference in Midtown. “It’ll be the London Whatevers playing the New York Giants. The logistics we can work out because we only play once a week. We can deal with that. What we really want to understand is, can the market support a franchise long term there? The more we see, the more we like it.”

Goodell says London has an appetite for American football.

“The thing that’s amazing to us is, every time we give them more, they say to us, ‘Give us even more than that,’’’ Goodell told The Post. “The two games is incredibly successful. If we could do three, it would be incredibly successful. It’s clear to me there’s a strong fan base over there.”

Goodell mentioned the Jaguars as the top candidate to host two home games a year in London.

“If we go to three London games, what we’ll likely do is ask Jacksonville to potentially play two or ask three different teams to host,” Goodell said. “That’s one issue we’re debating.”

As much as Goodell would like Jacksonville to play more games overseas, he might get some push back from owner Shad Khan.

According to the AP, the Jaguars have no plans of playing in London twice a year.  They’ve already agreed to play one home game a year in London for the next four seasons.

“The commitment we made to the league is to play one home game in London in each of the next four seasons,” the team said in a statement. “That’s our plan.”

It doesn’t sound like the Jags plan on changing what they’ve already agreed to with the NFL.  But then again you never know.




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    Go Tebow Go ______ tieam. GO: Oh shucks, there is no ‘i’ in team. !!!

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