Roger Goodell says the replacement officials did an “adequate” job on Wednesday

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell really believes the replacement officials that handled Wednesday night’s game between the Giants and Cowboys did a good job.  I tend to disagree.

“Our officials did a more than adequate job last night,” Goodell said, per “I think we’ve proven we can train officials, get them up to NFL standards, and we’ve done that in a three-month period. These officials will get even better as time goes by. The game is not going to stop.”

Goodell won’t stop preaching that the replacements are being trained.  The problem is that training can only do so much.

“The officials are being trained. They understand the rules,” Goodell said. “Unfortunately, officials make mistakes. We have situations every season, every week, where an official may not drop a flag for a violation and we have to fine. Officiating is an imperfect science.”

After watching Wednesday’s game it seemed like things weren’t so bad.  Then I went back and watched the film and there were a flurry of holding calls that were never made.

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