Roger Goodell says Redskins won’t have salary cap penalties reversed

Redskins LogoNFL commissioner Roger Goodell told the media today that the Washington Redskins won’t have their salary cap penalties overturned.

“I have told the Redskins directly that there will be no change to that
or a modification to the cap,” said Goodell.

Goodell was asked how active the Redskins have been in trying to recoup the salary cap money.

“They have to speak to that. I did meet with the Redskins, so did our staff on two occasions over the last 30 days, to make sure we fully understood their position and to make sure they fully understood our position. As I said earlier, there will be no change,” Goodell said.

The Redskins have around $6 million in cap room, but the penalties will continue to keep them from being major players in free agency.


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