Roger Goodell on Aaron Hernandez: “It’s a black eye” on the NFL

roger goodell

In an interview with the NFL Network, commissioner Roger Goodell conceded that Aaron Hernandez’s murder arrest is a black eye on the NFL as a league.

“It’s a black eye,” Goodell said. “You never want to see your players involved with anything off the field or criminal in any nature, and this is deeply troubling … to see this kind of behavior. It is something we are not proud of.

“The Patriots obviously reacted very quickly and decisively, and now it’s up to Aaron … and he’s going to be facing the criminal process,” Goodell continued. “In the meantime, what we have to do is do everything we can to help our young people make the right decisions and evaluate our people when they’re coming into the league. And make sure to do everything to avoid these kind of situations.”

It will really be interesting to see what the NFL and it’s teams do to try and prevent a person like Hernandez from entering their league.  I’m not sure it’s something they can prevent.




  1. Deborah says

    It is unfortunate that we as Americans try people in the court of public opinion instead of a courtroom – none of us has the evidence – but yet Hernandez is guilty because someone said he is…I sure hope that someday we disallow the media from running kangaroo trials before the first court date…he may be guilty, he may not but no-one will believe in his innocence because he has been already branded a murderer. If anyone wants to know there are hundreds of people incarcerated for crimes they did not commit but because they were accused…they are automatically guilty. Shame on the media for capitalizing on this case…even though they don’t know everthing there is to know…

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