Roger Craig compares Jim Harbaugh to Bill Walsh, says the 49ers will be a dynasty again

Former San Francisco 49ers great Roger Craig believes his former team will become the next great NFL dynasty under head coach Jim Harbaugh.

“I’m going on the record saying the 49ers win two Super Bowls in the next eight years,” Craig said last week, via “They’ll be the winningest team in the next decade.”

Craig compares Harbaugh to Bill Walsh.

“He’s my kind of coach,” Craig said. “He makes you accountable. He’s very similar to Bill Walsh that way. He makes you accountable for what you do on and off the football field, but the main thing is he’s a tough coach and he expects you to be professional.

“He will pat you on the back if he scolds you. He’s got your back. That’s what players like. He won’t leave you hanging. Some coaches will scream and yell and then not tell the player anything. I like what Jim’s doing.”

If Craig could still play in the NFL, he would love to be on Harbaugh’s team.

“If I could play right now, I would play for Jim Harbaugh,” Craig said. “That’s my guy. I love Jim Harbaugh.”

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