Rodney Harrison: It’s time for the Patriots to win a Super Bowl

rodney harrisonFormer Patriots safety and current NBC Sports analyst Rodney Harrison says it’s time for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

“You have an opportunity to play for the greatest organization on the planet,” Harrison said at one point. “How can you not come out here and get it done? It’s not good enough to win a playoff game. It’s not good enough to make it to the AFC Championship game. It’s time to win a Super Bowl and everybody has to be held accountable.”

Harrison says the Patriots don’t ever settle for anything less than a championship.

“Bill Belichick, he doesn’t go into a season and say, ‘Hey, this is a successful season if we win 12 games,’ ” added Harrison, via “No. It’s about getting to the Super Bowl and winning.” “You can’t be a leader if you don’t have an attitude,” said Harrison.

“You gotta have some pride about yourself. You gotta understand how important it is to show up on an everyday basis and hold yourself accountable as well as teammates. We weren’t afraid to get in guy’s faces and say, ‘You’re slacking.’ Your professional pride, you get in a guy’s face, he’s gonna step it up or he’s gonna be replaced. That’s what I miss. And once again, I go back to the word accountability. You got Tom Brady, you got an opportunity to play with one of the greatest quarterbacks in history, how can you not get pumped up?”

If Harrison had kept David Tyree from catching a ball on his helmet,  the Pats would have won a Super Bowl in the past 10 years.