Rodney Harrison rips Mario Williams, says “he’ll probably fall off the face of the earth”

Former NFL safety and currentl NBC Sports analyst Rodney Harrison joined the Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network.

Harrison made it clear that he believes Bills defensive end Mario Williams should have taken less money to play for a winning team.

“They’re not very good,” Harrison said.  “They don’t have a franchise quarterback.  The Patriots will always dominate that division.  The Jets will always be second.  My point here is, you go out and get a $100 million deal, wouldn’t you have taken $80 million and gone somewhere where you could have been competitive every week?  I think this is a huge mistake for Mario Williams.  Mark my words, he will get lost in the shuffle. He will probably fall off the face of the earth.”

Very rarely do I agree with Harrison, but in this case I do.  Williams was clearly only thinking about the money, but he’ll never win in Buffalo.

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