Rodney Harrison on the Patriots: Signing Adrian Wilson was a “fantastic move”

Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison told the Boston Herald that the addition of safety Adrian Wilson was a great move for New England.

“Adding him, the veteran leadership, the presence, the respect factor, he’s a guy that’s a terrific blitzer, and a physical presence,” said Harrison. “I think he can come in especially during nickel and dime situations, and come down (close to the line) and play that second linebacker position like I did. He’s physical enough to help out in the run game, but he can also cover tight ends. So he can be that guy next to (Jerod) Mayo who can come in and really make a difference in that nickel and dime package. . . . It’s a fantastic move. I think he’ll help the Patriots immediately. I think he’ll hold people accountable.”

Wilson says the Pats didn’t need to sign Ed Reed.

“For what the Patriots need, they don’t need Ed Reed. They need an Adrian Wilson,” Harrison said. “They don’t need a free safety that can intercept balls. They have that. Devin McCourty is that Ed Reed (role). He doesn’t have that name behind him. But he is developing into a young safety. They need a guy like Adrian Wilson who can really give them versatility in those nickel and dime packages. He’ll help that secondary right away.”

Wilson is the type of the player the Pats need.  Their secondary has been horrible over the past few years and his presence will certainly be felt.



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