Roddy White says the jurors who let George Zimmerman off should “kill themselves”

roddy white

After tonight’s verdict of not guilty for George Zimmerman regarding the killing of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin down in Florida last year, Falcons wide receiver Roddy White went on Twitter and took things a little too far.

roddy white tweet


I of course disagree with White.  Being a juror is not easy.  I would rather instead blame Florida law than a bunch of people that did they best they could to bring justice.



  1. Wayne says

    Zimmerman was innocent. Self defense, pure and simple. Otherwise, the pressure was on to convict. Maybe these guys should just play football and shut up.

  2. Mountain Man says

    I call for the owner to fine roddy white and if he don,t .White people should boycott the falcons, He said the wrong thing.That is the way blacks think. roddy spend that money to help stop blacks killing children with stray bullet. blacks killing blacks.Use your head roddy white and not your mouth.

  3. Gman1216 says

    It was self defense, he is a neighborhood watch, they are supposed to get out of the car.

  4. Gman1216 says

    Exactly, where was his outrage and all his posts when the black kid shot the baby in Atlanta?

  5. carol says

    Roddy White is a zero…………….who cares what he thinks anyway? I refuse to watch football until they deal with him.GZ was not guilty all along.,it is never ok to resort to violence because someone asks a question of you.Even if its some “creepy ass cracker”………this cracker is happy with the outcome.

  6. Paul says

    Hey Ragg,

    So, are you saying that Zimmerman had no right to get out of his car and walk through the neighborhood without getting assaulted?

  7. Anonymous says

    the NFL or Falcon should fine Mr. white for his comments. If he and others that had a half of a brain to think that Zimmerman was guilty maybe they need to learn how to understand the laws and how the prosecution never had a case for 2nd degree murder. If they would just understand the self defense laws in Fl. This has nothing to do with race its about the laws in FL.

  8. says

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  9. Anonymous says

    roddy white and victor cruz are real jerks and are as racist as al sharpton and jesse jackson

  10. Vyper3000 says

    This is the looney left for you… if you don’t say what they think you should you must be silenced. If you don’t do what they think you should, you need to die. The bottom line is that both Zimmerman and Martin did dumb things they shouldn’t have done and it got one of them killed. It’s not the fault of ‘stand your ground’, which is a good, if sometimes misused, law. It’s not “racial profiling”, “hate crime” or any other stupid thing. It’s an overzealous neighborhood watch volunteer that got in over his head and a dumb teenage kid that should have known enough to run home when followed and not try to face down a stranger in the dark. No racism, no profiling, no hate: just two stupid people. Now thousands of stupid people with signs and bullhorns…

  11. Vyper3000 says

    That was actually in Brunswick, not Atlanta, but your point is an excellent one. Especially when the kid’s mom and aunt both lied to try to cover for him.

  12. RODDY WHITE says

    Why should the NFL or Falcons Management get involved; Carolyn have you heard of Freedom of speak. Some of racist @** folks need to wake up. You just united Minority’s, college educated white people and any other race that not white. This movement is going last until 2014 elections. Some of these extreme folks on the right did not understand the last year elections results. Every white person(s) came out and cast a vote to get Pres. Obama out of office. With all the conditions the President was facing you guys still lost; your grip of power on this country is quickly disappearing. You guys will finally be treated like you treated anyone who’s not white; as a third rate citizens!!!! Roddy tell those folks who did not like what you said; You don’t give a F*** what you think.

  13. We Are All the Same says

    Roddy White tells six people to go kill themselves and NFL and Falcons stay quiet. Riley Cooper another NFL player drops the N word when he is mad and the NFL and his team – Philly – go crazy. You people in the USA are crazy. Black man tells five white ladies to commit suicide nd it’s OK. White man dops the N word nd it is terrible?

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