Roddy White blasts the NFLPA, applauds Roger Goodell

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Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White doesn’t understand why the NFL players that are currently involved in the current bounty scandal, are complaining about the control that commissioner Roger Goodell has over the league.  Last year the players voted to approve the new CBA which gives him the power he currently has.  So they should only be blaming themselves.

“Don’t know why we complaining we did this to ourselves,” White wrote on Twitter, via “I applaud roger godell for brokering a hell of a deal and I blame nflpa for failing us…

“Whoever is the head of the baseball union that’s who we need to hire they never have problems,” White said. “Ok they have had problems but not on the same issues that where [sic] problems before they signed a new cba as a union…the nflpa fixed none of our real problems…Sold us a great dream about how good the deal was I didn’t even want to sign that card because I knew the deal we signed was terrible.”

I completely agree with White.  It makes me laugh to hear Jonathan Vilma and his lawyer complain about the fact that Goodell is the judge and the jury.  Give me a break, go grab a box of tissues and cry in the corner.

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