Robert Griffin wears a special outfit to attend the circus

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III headed to the circus this past weekend wearing an outfit that only a prince would wear (at least I think).




  1. Vancel41 says

    African Prince ? Sorry Lenard but this American Man flows the Red, White, an Blue an when this young black American hits the line for a TD its for six not two.

  2. Anonymous says

    As if Leonard knows what a true African Prince is…… RGIII is an American!!!!

  3. hawgknott says

    Most blacks dress like they from the circus. I like to watch them pass by at the bus station, they funny.

  4. says

    Seriously? This is a guy you want to lead your team? RG3 is a terrible QB and a terrible dresser!! What a joke. His head is a s big as his clothes are loud!!!

  5. Professor_Tenay says

    Michael Sams must have picked that outfit for RG3 to wear. Sams said and I quote “YOU WILL LOOK FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUSSSSSSSSSSSSS”

  6. Anonymous says

    Heard the circus wouldn’t accept him unless he wore fancy duds … he’ll be in the circus ring during the off-season next year.

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