Robert Griffin III’s mechanics are flawed right now

robert griffin III

After watching Robert Griffin III play last week,  ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworksi pointed out that he’s favoring his injured knee, which in turn is messing up his mechanics.

“His mechanics are flawed right now because of the injury,” Jaworski said.

Jaws explained how RG3’s footwork was wrong during a play in which he threw an interception.

“He never gets his weight on the back foot. As this ball comes out, it’s going to lack energy,” Jaworski said, via “His front foot, which is where your weight should transfer to, actually pulls back. So you’re losing the body momentum, the ability to drive the ball with the hip snap, to get the ball to the outside.”

Jaworski believes Griffin will throw the ball better when his knee starts to feel more normal again.

“He had a very serious injury,” Jaworski said. “He is protecting that right leg. I get it, I understand it. But you’ve got to be able to make these throws. And I’m sure in three or four weeks, he will be making these throws. But right now, his mechanics, in throwing the football, those deep throws down the field where mechanics are critical, he is struggling.”