Robert Griffin III’s dad says his son needs to throw more, run less

Robert Griffin III’s father told the Washington Post that he would like to see his son run the ball less and throw it more this coming season.  He believes that would be in the best interest of both his son and the Redskins.

“I just know that based on what I know Robert can do, he doesn’t have to be a runner as much as I saw last year,” Griffin Jr. said. “To me, you’re paying these [receivers] a lot of money to catch the football. I’m his dad — I want him throwing that football, a lot. A lot.”

Griffin Jr. says the Skins need protect RG3.

“I think for [Griffin III], he likes some of the things that they do. And he feels any area where he had a concern, he addressed it. And I think [the Shanahans] have concerns, too. We want to have a united community,” he said. “That first year everybody was just, ‘Wow.’ And now we have to look at sustainment. It can’t be a ‘Wow’ again.”

RG3’s father is a very smart man and the Redskins would  be wise to listen to him.  If they really think they’re going to run the read-option and Griffin III won’t get hurt again, they’re fooling themselves.  His career will be over before you know it.

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