Robert Griffin III was seen limping around during Thursday’s practice

According to The Washington Times, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was seen limping around during while throwing the ball around during Thursday’s practice.

Robert Griffin III (right knee) did similar throwing drills to those we’ve seen the last two weeks. He moved smoothly rolling to his right at a brisk pace on a keeper. He ran long sprints after his throwing work. Afterwards, he limped slightly but noticeably.


“Larry [Hess, head athletic trainer] told me that coming out here,” Griffin said. “I asked him if he was joking because he does joke like that a lot, about me limping, but I didn’t feel like I was limping. Wasn’t sore at all. I did think he was joking, but he said he was serious and some people were saying they thought I was limping, but, nah, I wasn’t.”

It’s only natural for Griffin to favor his healthy knee over his surgically repaired one which is likely leading to him limping.  I’m sure the Redskins are monitoring everything very closely.


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