Robert Griffin III says he’ll play next week

After suffering a sprained knee during Sunday’s win over the Ravens, Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III told the media that he’ll make sure he plays next week against the Browns.

“They told me that they felt like my ligaments feel good; it’s just a matter of what the MRI says,” Griffin said, per “They told me my ACL looked good, so I was feeling positive vibes from them. Just the fact we won the game makes everyone feel a lot better. I’ll still be able to run and do those things if it’s just a really bad bruise, and then if it’s anything else, like I told coach, I’ll fight through it and I’ll be playing next week.”

Griffin might think he can play next week, but I can’t imagine an option quarterback playing with a sprained ankle.  Especially when that’s the Redskins’ bread and butter.


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