Robert Griffin III is done with people blaming the Redskins for his injury

robert griffin III 3Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III sat down with Larry Michael on Redskins Nation on Comcast Sports Net and talked about the team medical staff limiting how hard pushes himself.

“You always want people holding you back,” Griffin said. “You don’t ever want to have people pushing you forward.”

Griffin says the Redskins’ training staff is making sure he takes his time with his rehab.

“That’s what they’re doing right now; they’re holding me back from doing certain things because I feel like I’m ready, my body might feel like it’s ready, but according to the timetable, I’m not ready,” he said.

Griffin is clearly tired of people blaming the Redskins for his knee injury.

“You try to avoid controversy as much as you can, while at the same time, making sure people understand that, everyone understands what happened in this organization, when it comes to owner, GM, head coach, myself and offensive coordinator,” Griffin said. “We all understand what happened …in the Seattle Seahawks game that led to my knee surgery. At the end of the day, what anybody wants to say about who’s to blame, whose responsibility it is. It doesn’t really matter who’s responsibility it is. It doesn’t really matter who’s to blame because I’m the one who has to go through the struggle that is a knee surgery, and rehab to get back. The people who are also going through that with me are the owner, the GM, the head coach, the offensive coordinator, the organization, the fans. Everyone goes through that with me.”

Griffin makes a fair point, it’s time for people to move on if they haven’t already.  I’m sure the Skins see where they fell short and are ready to move on.

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