Robert Griffin III: “I can trust these guys”

robert griffin III 2We mentioned yesterday that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III realizes that he should have taken himself out of last year’s playoff game against the Seahawks.

Now it sounds like after tearing up his knee, Griffin never had any doubt that he could trust the Redskins.

“It’s tough for professional athletes to trust anyone in this business,” Griffin told J.R. Moehringer of ESPN The Magazine, per “When the owner of the team, the general manager of the team, the PR director of the team, they’re all there, that’s how you know: I can trust these guys.”

After watching how the Redskins have run things over the past decade, I wouldn’t be able to trust them.  The reason they were by his bed side is because of the huge investment they have in him.  All RG3 is to the Skins is an investment and they almost flushed it down the toilet by having him play with a serious knee injury.