Robert Griffin III has reportedly been up and down in camp

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According to Chris Russell of ESPN 980 in Washington D.C., Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III has been up and down so far in training camp. “On the field, the results have been up and down. We have seen rocket throws to Pierre Garcon (several on Friday) and we have seen tremendous bursts of speed to make a play, when something may not be there,” wrote Russell. “We have also seen him use his mobility to buy extra time, and fire a strike to a target while on the move.  We’ve seen the pistol formation, we have seen the option, zone read run plays, traditional drops and a little bit of everything. “In fairness, we’ve also seen some relative ugliness, and that is to be expected. He hasn’t thrown any interceptions that I remember, unless my brain has been completely fried by the searing heat at Redskins Park. He has taken plenty of practice sacks and in real game conditions, he would have taken a number of big hits so far.” Ups and downs are very normal for a rookie quarterback.  The problem is that Griffin was robably overhyped just a bit.

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