Rob Rayn on him crying over Sean Lee: Rex Ryan is “full of crap”

Just the other day, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan said his  brother Rob Ryan was crying on the phone after the Cowboys found out they lost linebacker Sean Lee for the season.

Rob responded to Rex’s comments.

“That guy’s so full of crap,” Rob said of Rex, according to and NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. “… Was I bitching to him? Sure. We have so many damn injuries. Of course I was bitching to my twin brother. We’ve only had like two guys not get hurt this year on defense, which is crazy, so I was bitching to him. He did talk me off the plank. Football hardens you. Injuries are part of it. You know that. I know that. It’s the worst part of the game, but I wasn’t crying tears, actual tears.

“I save that for the movies I watch with my wife. You know, Lifetime. My God, you guys ever watch Lifetime? Jesus, God almighty. Don’t. Trust me, don’t.”

As big and tough as Rob looks, i wouldn’t be shocked if he cried over losing Lee.

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