Rob Gronkowski wrestling in Las Vegas with a broken forearm (Video)

According to TMZ, New England patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski body slammed a friend of his on stage at a Las Vegas night club and landed on his broken forearm.

As Gronkowski was throwing his friend to the ground, the tight end — who was wearing a protective sleeve on his busted wing — also crashed to the ground and smacked his damaged arm on the stage in the process.

Gronk popped right up and waved his arms around — a sign that he didn’t reinjure anything during the stunt

Gronkowski is stupid.

The Patriots just signed him to a big extension before this past summer.  I wonder if they regret it.



  1. Anonymous says

    Jesus Christ Almighty. Let the dude live & have some fun. He’s young & single. He has 6-7 months to recoup. No the pats don’t regret signing him long term, because he’s such a good player & a force to be reckoned with on the field. It’s off season for chrissakes. Leave the dude alone.

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