Rob Gronkowski hosting a “ladies night out” football clinic at Harvard


According to the Boston Globe,  Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will visit Harvard on November 11th and will host the inaugural Citi Rob Gronkowski Football 101 Women’s Clinic which is centered around football and will also have alcohol on hand.

 The Monday evening coming out of the team’s bye week, joining with area high school and college coaches to direct activities at an event that promises a “focus on football basics with a social twist.”

When female Citi Card members who pay $99 arrive at 5 p.m., they’ll first partake in a cocktail hour, where they’ll have access to Gronk-tinis — the ingredients will be left to your imagination — along with beer, wine, and food.

After that they’ll move on to the football clinic, where they’ll separate into small groups and go station to station working on football fundamentals and competing in skills competitions. They’ll do that until 8, and then it’s time for coffee and dessert. The consummate post-game snack.

Before they leave, participants — who must be 21 or older — will also hear Gronkowski “give talks highlighting the finer points of the game of football and beyond,” as well as take a team photo with the tight end, have the opportunity to win prizes, and go home with an authentic autograph and a T-shirt.

This event had to have been made just for Gronk.  They had to have known he’d never pass up women and alcohol.  It’s also funny that such a prestigious university like harvard would host this event.



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