Rob Chudzinski hopes to have Trent Richardson back to play Detroit

trent richardson

Running Back Trent Richardson was held out of Thursdays win against the Rams, but according to Mary Kay Cabot of The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Rob Chudzinski will try to have him back against Detroit

”I think we’ll have a number of guys that’ll be back practicing within the next couple days that were out for this game, and we’ll obviously have to see how that goes,” said Chudzinski. “But I’m expecting Trent to practice and then we’ll see as far as getting him some rep time and getting him some work in the game.”-August 10

The Browns will certainly need Richardson to be healthy this season. In the hard-nosed AFC North Richardson is capable of getting tough yards inside the tackles. Cleveland will need Richardson to produce and even step up if Brandon Weeden doesn’t drastically improve.

  • Old Goat

    I don’t expect weedhead to be anything more than a minor league pitcher quarterback wannabe. A 30 year old 2nd year panty waist is not the answer. he is not fit to wear the same uniform as Sipe, or Kozar. they knew what it meant to being a Brown. I pretty much dislke weedhead no matter what he does.. any QB or any Brown that is not in the ICU or ER that does not suit up for the Steelers need to be sent down the road. But being said, I like Chud he is a good choice having past history with my browns. From one Pollack to another. the browns will need to develop a smash mouth defense and a grind em up running game. hopefully T-Rich is up to that task. If some of the fans out there don’t like my comments, then they can stuff it. You have not suffered over the years like I have over the Browns.