Riely Cooper is back, will practice with the Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles 2011 Headshots

After undergoing counseling,  wide receiver Riley Cooper has returned to the Eagles and will practice today, according to Albert Breer of the NFL Network.

The Eagles are actually practicing with the Patriots today in Philly.

I’m glad that someone can be cured of racism is just a few days.



  • https://www.facebook.com/daniel.stillmunks Daniel Stillmunks

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    Well, Cooper needs to address the whole TEAM but especially the black players: “Do you forget about my outburst and forgive me and maybe we can go to the playoffs / Super Bowl or are you going to have a ‘hard on’ for me all season, thinking that I’m a closet KKK, anti-black person.? Which I am not.”
    “So CHOOSE NOW: keep the hard on and have a constant disruption in the game and in the locker room”
    “Forgive and forget let”s move forward.
    NOBODY is this the Philadelphia Eagles team was personally hurt by the outburst.
    Get over it.”


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