Ricky Williams: We have to hit the Patriots in the mouth

Baltimore Ravens running back Ricky Williams believes the whole aura of the New England patriots is blown out of proportion and all you need to do is hit them in the mouth in order to win.

“If you hit them in the mouth and you stand up to them, that’s the way you play it,” said Williams. “I think when you’re as good as they are, you get used to people kind of being intimidated. And I think when you show them that you’re not, it automatically makes them have to change the way they’re used to playing, and that automatically gives us an advantage.”

Since Williams played in the AFC East with the Miami Dolphins,  he’s used to playing the Patriots at least twice a year.  So is Lee Evans who played for the Buffalo Bills,  who agrees with Williams.

“No, there’s no intimidation,” Evans said. “With everything on the line, it’s just all about playing well. The team that plays the best is going to win. We understand that it has to come on the road, and when you go on the road, everybody has to be together as a unit. So if we can stay together as a unit, then we have a good, solid foundation for trying to win this game.”

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