Ricky Williams blasts Johnny Manziel (Video)

johnny manziel

Former Heisman Trophy winning running back Ricky Williams took a jab at Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel during an interview with FOX Sports.

Williams was asked what advice he’d give me Manziel with all the stuff he’s been going through

“One thing I’d tell Johnny is you know once you win the Heisman Trophy there’s going to be more attention on you so you’re probably not going to be able to get away with all the stuff you got away with before.And to the media I would say, if the media did their research on who this kid was, they wouldn’t be surprised.,” said Williams.

Wow, Williams certainly didn’t hold back.  But he does make a good point.  It’s certainly not like Manziel started acting up off the field when he became a star.  He hasn’t changed as a person and that’s ultimately the problem.


  1. Anonymous says

    Big words from someone that wasted his God given talent because he can’t stay off the “pot”!

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