Richie Incognito allegedly hit a man with a bottle at a 2004 house party

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report obtained a police report from 2004 that states that Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito was a suspect after allegedly hitting a man over the head with a bottle and punching another in the face at a 2004 house party in Phoenix, Arizona.

The report was obtained from a man who said he was attacked by Incognito at the party. Incognito was never prosecuted.

Bleacher Report filed a notice with Arizona police to obtain a copy of the report, which Phoenix police spokesman Trent Crump said has never been released publicly. In the meantime, one of the alleged victims provided the copy, as well as medical records showing him receiving treatment. The details in the report match those given over the phone to Bleacher Report last week by Crump.

Freeman explained what the police report says.

The incident took place in January of 2004 at approximately 1:35 a.m. at a home in Phoenix, according the police report. One of the alleged victims was a male who stood at 5’6″ and weighed 140 pounds, age 21. The other was a 6’0″, 165-pound male, age 20. Incognito is listed in the report as 6’4″, 310 pounds, age 20.

In the police report, the shorter man said Incognito hit him over the head with a glass bottle, causing a laceration near his eye and a bruise. This man also told the officer who interviewed him that he was hit on the back of the head and didn’t know how his face was injured. One witness told police she saw Incognito hit the man in the back of the head with a bottle.

The report says the shorter man told police he first saw Incognito hit the taller man in the face before entering the fray himself. The reporting officer wrote that this second man was hit in the left cheek with a closed fist.

A second witness told police, according to the report, that Incognito was “disorderly the entire time” and was “trying to fight everybody.”

The report observes that all the “subjects…appeared to be intoxicated.”

In the part of the report attesting to what Incognito told police, it says he denied striking anyone with a bottle and said his shirt was bloodied while he attempted to break up a fight. Incognito was handcuffed as police worked the scene and was then driven away from the area and released “so that a further incident would not occur,” the report states.

This isn’t a surprise at all.  Incognito is a loose cannon that  clearly has problems that have been obvious for years now.