Richard Sherman: Earl Thomas should win Defensive Player of the Year

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman knows who he would crown as the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year, and it’s not himself.

Sherman told that he would give the award to his teammate, safety Earl Thomas.

“I would have to give it to Earl,” Sherman said of free safety Earl Thomas, his All-Pro compatriot in the Seahawks’ Legion of Boom secondary. “I think Earl is having a fantastic year. He’s flying around, tackling everywhere, forcing fumbles, getting interceptions. I don’t think there’s anybody out there playing better defense and I think our defense is No. 1 in the league. So usually the best quarterback with the best receivers isn’t punished for that, so don’t punish one of the best players on the best defense.

“So I think he should get it.”

Sherman says whoever gets the defensive player of the year award should be from the Seahawks.

“If there’s anywhere the Defensive Player of the Year should be it should be in Seattle,” Sherman said. “Whether it’s myself or Earl.”

I agree with Sherman,  someone on the Seahawks should win the award because of how dominant they’ve been this season as a defense.