Richard Sherman claims they would have blown the 49ers out if not for penalties

richard sherman

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman only had one reason why they lost Sunday’s game to the 49ers.  He claimed the high number of penalties against them allowed San Francisco to win.

“We didn’t project it to be this way,” he said after the game, via “We expected to blow them out but they got the benefit of a few calls tonight throughout the game and that helps you especially on third down, we will see them again and it will be a different result.”

Sherman was asked what made the difference in

“The penalties,” he said. “That is what made the difference today.”

No need for excuses,  just be honest,  the 49ers beat the Seahawks.  End of Story.





  1. Joe Barry says

    BLAH>>>BLAH>>>BLAHHH.. you got caught in your cheating ass ways.. take it like a man, if you play you pay.. Play correct or get corrected !!

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