Richard Sherman asks fans on Bourbon street if he’s the NFL’s best cornerback

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman decided to go out on Bourbon Street in New Orleans with a camera crew and asked some peopel he ran into who’s a better lock-down corner between him and Darrelle Revis of the Jets.

An unsuspecting 49ers fan called Sherman “too fat and slow,” adding “he’s a punk and he took drugs, and he shouldn’t even be able to play. He got through on a B.S. appeal.” The look on his face upon discovering that Sherman was behind the mic was priceless. “It’s all good,” replied a good-natured Sherman. “It’s all fun.”

Approached by Sherman, another fan with a crazy hat tried to steer clear of the cameras. “I’m trying not get on TV,” joked the fan. “Honey, I’m not at the Super Bowl. I’m at work in North Carolina.” Check out the video here.



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