Richard Seymour not interested in playing for the Patriots again

Former NFL quarterback Rich Gannon asked free agent defensive lineman Richard Seymour on SiriusXM NFL Radio if he would be willing to rejoin the Patriots after spending a few years in Oakland.

“I always felt like that chapter was closed when I left there,” Seymour said, via “I’ve always been grateful for the time I spent there, and we had a great time together. I thought it worked well for both sides, but I kind of moved on from there.”  (And, as Seymour noted, the Patriots “moved on as well.”)

“I don’t think that will be anything that we see in the future,” Seymour said.

The only team that’s shown any serious interest in Seymour this offseason has been the Falcons, but they’re not willing to pay him what he’s looking for.

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