Ric Flair won’t attend Panthers-49ers game after receiving death threats

Former WWE superstar Ric Flair won’t be attending this week’s Panthers-49ers game after receiving death threats for giving the Niners a pep talk prior to last week’s game against the Packers.

It’s sad that fans are so stupid.


  1. RACER1111 says

    Who gives a crap. It is a football game! He didn’t go to another country and hand over secrets. He didn’t run for president, win, and sell off to China. He pep talked a football team to play well against another football team that was NOT the panthers! It was the Packers! Sooooo, What is the big deal. OK, be upset about it, fine, be like oh man I thought he Panthers fo’ life! Man wth? Death Threats?!!?!! REALLY??!! If your life has suffered so severely after Ric Flair pep talked to the 49ers’ then there are MANY other things you should be considering to fix it besides sending threats to a guy who cheered on a team.

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