RG3 was willing to give DeSean Jackson the No. 10

desean jacksonRedskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson told DJ Skee that Robert Griffin III was willing to give him the No.10, but Griffin would have had to pay the NFL and Nike $20 million for all of his unsold No.10 jerseys.

“You know, I changed the Instagram name; it’s not Jaccpot10 no more, it’s 0ne0fone, you feel me?” Jackson said, talking about his uniqueness, I believe. “Even though 0ne0fone actually is number 11, because I’m number 11 now, but I still feel I’m one of 1.”

“Yeah, weren’t you trying to get RGIII’s jersey back?” DJ Skee then asked. “But he’d have to buy them all back, or there’s like a crazy rule….”

“It was like 20 million, they wanted to put like 20 million…” Jackson replied, and I’m not sure exactly what he meant. “But it was like a joke, you feel me? Some people from ESPN and all these people took it like, ‘Oh, I guess he hasn’t learned his lesson yet, he’s coming in already and wants RGIII’s number.’

“First of all, RG told me, ‘If you want it you can get it.’ That’s how cool he was. He was like: ‘Man, I’ll rock 3. You know, my name is RGIII.’ But at the end of the day the league was too invested in his jersey. And I was like it’s cool. You know, I’m coming in, I’m gonna get the 11. It’s gonna be 10-to-11 though, just know that.”


  1. jason says

    he says hes not a gang member.but notice his name “jaccpot10″ it should be “jackpot10″ but “crips dont use the letter c and k sideby side because it represents “crip killer” so he uses “cc” instead of the “ck” he might fool yall but he aint foolin me.hes bangin and always has.

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