RG3 walking without a limp when not wearing a knee brace

According to the Washington Post, while it looked as if Robert Griffin III was limping during the Redskins OTA’s, when he was walking around without the knee brace, he didn’t have a limp.

Griffin did appear to limp as he ran sprints at the conclusion of that June 6 practice, but he insisted that it was related to the brace he wears on that reconstructed right knee, and not a setback of some kind. A slight hitch remained evident the final two offseason practice sessions as Griffin did his running off to the side, but he beat tight end Jordan Reed in a race, which leads me to believe that it is indeed the brace and the quarterback still working to strengthen that right leg. When walking brace-free, there is no limp.

It will be interesting to see if Griffin continues to wear the knee brace once he’s deemed 100 percent healthy.  Tom Brady has been wearing a knee brace since tearing his ACL a few years ago.  And some other quarterbacks wear them as protection from getting their knee’s blown out.


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