RG3 says knee injury forced him to make more reads last season

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin admits that when he played injured at the end of last season, he was forced to slow himself down and read opposing defenses more.

“I was talking to the guys towards the end of last year, being slowed down by the knee kind of slowed the game down for me because I had to slow down and it made me have to get through a lot of my reads,” Griffin said, per Rich Tandler of RealRedskins.com.

Griffin is looking forward to improving as a pocket passer this coming season.

“That is what I am looking forward to doing this upcoming season is getting through every single option that I need to get through and while at the same time still being able to use my legs as a weapon,” he said.

I find it very interesting that Griffin’s passer rating dropped significantly when he was forced to stay in the pocket more due to his injured knee.

It should be noted that Bob Griffin did not play all that well while he was confined to the pocket. Before his injured knee gave way in the fourth quarter of the Seattle game, he completed 35 of 61 passes (57.3%) for 382 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions. That’s a passer rating of 84.1, which would have placed him in the middle of the pack among NFL quarterbacks but far below the NFL rookie record 102.4 rating he posted during the regular season.


It should be noted that the injury itself was a major factor—perhaps the biggest factor—in Griffin’s diminished passing stats. But as Griffin noted, staying in the pocket and going through his reads was a different experience for him and he should improve in that area and put it to use this season.

I expect Griffin’s stats to regress a little in his second year because II don’t believe the read-option will be as effective.  I don’t necessarily believe defenses will shut it down, but they won’t look as foolish trying to defend it.  This will make Griffin hang in the pocket longer, which could lead to more turnovers.



  1. mike malone says

    listen you can think what you want the man can pass I saw him throw and was shocked I wasn’t a believer I never tho we should have given up three first and a second but he proved me wrong so all you guys writing this nonsense just is a waste of space and time

  2. Marcus L. says

    I actually agree with most of the article. There weren’t too many deep shots taken from Week 16-Wild Card game. Plus, the Skins relied more on a ball-control offense. Griffin wasn’t that solid against Dallas in terms of passing, and the Seahawks saw how hurt he was. After 14-0, Griffin was basically one-dimensional.

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