RG3 practiced at full speed against the Redskins starting defense

robert griffin III


According to The Washington Times,  Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III practice at full speed against the first-team defense for the first time since tearing up his knee last season.

“I’m getting the team reps, and that’s what I wanted,” Griffin said. “That’s what the team needs me to be out there doing, and we feel good.”

RG3 says Dr. James Andrews likes the way his knee looks.

“He put his hands on me…and said it looks good,” Griffin said.

Even though Dr. Andrews hasn’t cleared Griffin for week one yet,  it looks like it will happen.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/blog/redskins-watch/2013/aug/21/rg3-coaches-focused-his-lower-body-mechanics-push-/#ixzz2ci0ULpzX
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